PIC: Artist creates stunning portrait of hurler John Mullane 7 years ago

PIC: Artist creates stunning portrait of hurler John Mullane

He's auctioning it off for a great cause...

Drawing and art in general are not our strong suit and in JOE we tend to rely on good old fashioned stickmen figures for all our drawings.


But one man who's certainly gifted when it comes to artistry is Dave Duffy of Waterford Academy of Music and Arts who has created this amazing portrait of Waterford hurling legend John Mullane.

Dave has previously featured on JOE for a really cool timelapse video he made creating a portrait of Paul O'Connell.

His latest creation celebrating the wizardry of Mullane, required 24 hours of work, but as you can see below, it was worth every second of his effort.



This weekend, John Mullane 2.0 will be auctioned off the raise money for children with complex special needs, and our best guess is, it will raise a handsome sum of money.

Cheers to Dave Duffy for sending this our way. Got a story for JOE? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, send it to our WhatsApp number 087-4001102 or mail editorial@JOE.ie.