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08th Jul 2016

PIC: Garth Bale posts brilliant homecoming selfie with thousands of Welsh fans in Cardiff

Colm Boohig

There’s going to be some party in Wales this weekend.

There is no doubt about it that Wales have been the good news story of Euro 2016, the zenith of which came with their simply fantastic victory over Belgium in the quarter-final.

Chris Coleman’s men returned to Cardiff on Friday afternoon as heroes after losing to Portugal in the semi-final, and they’ve received a fantastic welcome from the adoring public.

BBC Wales News were on hand to cover the stunning scenes, with a sea of red greeting the capital of the country.

One of the other standout teams of the Euros has been Iceland, with their famous celebration after the England win a particular highlight.

Needless to say, their Welsh counterparts treated us to do their own version as well.

Real Madrid’s own Gareth Bale, who has had a terrific tournament, posted this selfie on his Twitter page, which perfectly encapsulates the high spirits in Cardiff.

Brilliant stuff.


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