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19th Nov 2014

Pics: Giancarlo Stanton celebrated signing a $325 million contract in extravagant style

The gas thing is he didn't have to put his hand in his pocket...

Joe Harrington

The gas thing is he didn’t have to put his hand in his pocket…

Here’s a picture of Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton out celebrating his new $325 million contract.

He looks happy doesn’t he and why wouldn’t Giancarlo be happy when he’s drinking out of a $20,000 bottle of champagne.

You’d think with all that money in his account, even minus the credit union direct debit, he’d have enough left over to treat all his friends.

But the crazy thing about it is that Stanton didn’t even buy the bottle of champagne. A Miami party girl named Julz footed the bill. Here’s what Julz looks like.


We complain here in JOE when we end up paying more than a fiver for a pint so we’ll be avoiding getting into a round with Giancarlo and Julz any time soon.

Why is it that the richer people get, the less it seems they have to pay for stuff. They have loads of money, let them pay. It’s a funny world.

Image via Julz’s Instagram and a hat-tip to TMZ.