PICS: The soundest Irish fan at the Euros has been found and given a great reward 6 years ago

PICS: The soundest Irish fan at the Euros has been found and given a great reward

Well deserved.

Last week, we told you about a barman from the Dáil Bar in Galway, John O’Connor, who lost his wallet while following Ireland at the Euros and was amazed to find that it had been returned, with everything intact, to his place of work by an anonymous stranger.


The only thing in the wallet linking John (pictured with fellow members of The Dáil Bar staff below) to the bar was a business card, so he was very pleasantly surprised to have recovered it under the circumstances.


Heartened by what was an incredibly sound gesture, the Dáil Bar launched an appeal to locate the stranger in question and it's paid off.

Step forward Michael Lyons (pictured below, left) from Ennis in Clare, a student at the University of Limerick.



Michael found the wallet in Paris and, thanks to the business card, was able to track it to The Dáil Bar.

He then got his friend, Jack Lynch, to drop it into the bar with all of John’s money and cards intact, but no contact details were left for Michael or Jack to identify them.



After launching the appeal, Michael was eventually revealed to be the Good Samaritan and as a thank you for the good deed, The Dáil Bar is treating him to a trip for him and a friend to see Manchester United, his favourite football team, play a game at Old Trafford.

The pub will look after the cost of flights, accommodation and match tickets and they’ve also thrown in some spending money as well. Better yet, they’ve also let it be known that he’ll be given a free pint any time he visits The Dáil Bar.

Speaking of the reward, Michael said he hadn’t expected a thing for returning the wallet, he just wanted to help someone out who lost their wallet and was thrilled with the gift.

Fair play Michael, you’ve earned it.