Pics: Some of the most gruesome ice-hockey injuries of all time [Warning: Graphic content] 9 years ago

Pics: Some of the most gruesome ice-hockey injuries of all time [Warning: Graphic content]

Yep, safe to say ice-hockey is not a sport for the faint-hearted.

By Bradley Maguire


We at JOE love a good ol' ice-hockey injury. And after ice-hockey player Christian Ehrhoff tweeted a picture of his ear after being sliced open by a puck at the weekend we decided to gather together all the best/worst ice-hockey injuries we could find. We should warn you, they're not pretty.

Christian Ehrhoff of the Sabres took to Twitter to share a few photos of his ear after a puck cut it open in the Buffalo's game against the Flyers.

At least he gave a warning, but yeah, Ehrhoff's ear is pretty disgusting.



Dislocated fingers are part and parcel of all contact sports but we haven't seen many worse than the one belonging to Adam Burish of the San Jose Sharks after he blocked a shot in a clash against the Edmonton Oilers...


Ice-hockey is renowned as a tough sport and if you’re going to play it you should be prepared for bumps, bruises and sometimes a little more than that.

Because every player wears extremely sharp blades on their feet, there’s always a risk of players sustaining pretty nasty gashes and they don’t come any nastier than the one sustained by Sebastien Courcelles, who plays for Thetford-Mines Isothermic in a minor league in Quebec in Canada.



Another victim of ice-hockey's more gruesome side is Mitch Callahan of the Grand Rapids Griffins, whose mouth, teeth and lips all took a bit of a battering after he was hit in the face by a shot from his own teammate in a clash against the Iowa Wild just last week.


As we mentioned, with every player equipped with two razor sharp blades on their feet a nasty injury is only a slip away.


That fate befell Montreal Canadiens forward Dale Weise, as Toronto Maple Leafs’  Nazem Kadri’s skate accidentally slid into his face.