Pics: Two Irish men blagged their way into the Super Bowl and got free seats worth $25,000 7 years ago

Pics: Two Irish men blagged their way into the Super Bowl and got free seats worth $25,000

Richard Whelan. We salute you.

The world was glued to the Super Bowl last night and we think that it's safe to say there was a fair few 'tender' heads around Ireland this morning.


The only thing that's better than seeing a brilliant sporting event in the flesh, is managing to see it for for free, which is why we love this story that was sent into us by JOE reader Richard Whelan.

Richard and his friend decided to fly over to Arizona without a ticket for the match, chance their arm and buy one off a tout if they could.


Richard told us that, "originally I thought that I'd be able to buy a ticket in Ireland because I got my ticket for last year's Super Bowl on the Friday before the match for $1,500, but this year the prices skyrocketed to over $7k for the cheapest ticket!"


The two lads were desperately searching for that elusive 'golden ticket' for the showpiece event, but rather than wait around, the two men did the best thing possible.

They plucked up the courage cheek to chance their arm and walked through the front-door without security even noticing them.

Richard says, "we snuck into the Super Bowl straight through the front door! It was absolutely insane. Tough loss for the hawks but great experience. Ended up in 4th row in seats that were worth $25,000 each, sitting next to Lawyer Milloy, one of the best safeties that played for the Pats. Unreal stuff!



If that wasn't impressive enough then you should know the lads are local celebrities now because Newscorp thought the story about two Irishmen flying over was gas and they interviewed them for local TV.

Take a look.

Here's a few more of their brilliant pictures. Fair play to them, pair of chancers.


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