Picture: San Francisco fans buy a billboard in Seattle to troll Seahawks fans 8 years ago

Picture: San Francisco fans buy a billboard in Seattle to troll Seahawks fans

In the true Christmas spirit, fans of the San Francisco 49ers are spreading festive cheer via the medium of trolling

We all know the value of crowdfunding campaigns, which can be used to drive charitable causes, get a worthy product off the ground with a little bit of financial backing, or in this case, troll an opposing team.


Taking a page out of Paddy Power's book, these fans in San Francisco have decided that they wanted to troll divisional rivals (who are currently top of that division) the Seattle Seahwaks by buying a billboard space in Seattle, and leaving a little message for them about just how many Super Bowls the 49ers have compared to them.


While their GoFundMe campaign makes it clear that this might not be the exact poster that goes up, it does give a pretty good idea of the type of thing they're looking to do. This all comes as a response to the fact that Seattle landed the first innovative blow by having a plane fly over Candlestick Park in San Fran during the last game between the two sides, pulling a banner behind it which said "Go Hawks".

The 49ers fans have already reached their goal of $7,000 and surpassed that, but Aasheesh Shravah who set up the campaign has encouraged people to keep donating, as the rest of the money will all go to charity. It's nice to see some good-natured trolling with a soul, given the time of year that's in it.


Hat-tip to Mashable