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08th Oct 2013

Pictures: Lionel Messi is building a house shaped like a football


We know that Messi likes his football, but he seems to be taking it so far as to build his house in the shape of one

If we had a big pile of money and could make our house in the shape of anything we wanted, we’d probably choose to have it in the shape of a house, but not Lionel Messi. He’s decided that he wants the shape of the thing that made him so rich, a football.

messi house 2

But that’s not all. While the structure itself is round and football-ish, the rest of the ground that it sits on looks like a football pitch in two halves from above (it is a game of two halves, after all), and with the structure at the front included, it also looks like it makes the shape of the number 10.

messi house 3

For the Spanish speakers out there, here’s the architect, Luis de Garrido talking about his plans for the house, and the symbolism behind it, with a few more of the design shots that they’ve mocked up for Messi.

It certainly is an ambitious project, and while it might make the house more difficult to sell on if Messi decides he doesn’t like it in a few years, he can at least claim that he was making a structure in the shape of a Ballon D’Or to wind up poor aul Cristiano Ronaldo.

messi house 4

Hat-tip to 101GreatGoals for the video