Piers Morgan wins Idiot of the Day award (again) with disrespectful tweet about Muhammad Ali 3 years ago

Piers Morgan wins Idiot of the Day award (again) with disrespectful tweet about Muhammad Ali

The outpouring of emotion after the death of Muhammad Ali this weekend has shown not just what a fantastic fighter he was, but what a well-loved man he was too.

The man who showed that "impossible is nothing", and who cemented his place as "The Greatest" through his actions both inside and outside the ring, is a great loss.

But while most celebrities are using their social media profiles to pay tribute to Muhammad Ali, and pay their respects to the great man, one famous Twitter user is, predictably, using the death of a legend to cause controversy in an attempt to raise his own profile.

Piers Morgan took the time on Sunday morning to accuse Ali of saying "racist" things about white people, and compared him to Donald Trump.

This comparison could have been in reference a tweet by Donald Trump which tremendously backfired on the Republican presedential hopeful.

As many people pointed out, this tweet was incredibly ironic given that Trump tweeted this back in December:

Muhammad Ali had been actively observing the teachings of Islam throughout the 1960s, and became a Sunni Muslim in 1975, making him one of America's sporting heroes Obama was referring to.

Thankfully, while Piers Morgan sits in his own little corner of the internet, trying to cause controversy for retweets, stars of his dearly beloved Arsenal were paying their tributes to the great man.

Morgan later tweeted this:

Think people might be more than willing to oblige on that one, Piers.

If you want to know Ali's thoughts on racism, watch this fantastic footage:

This article originally appeared on JOE.co.uk.