Plants vs Zombies Player Profiles: Javier Hernandez 9 years ago

Plants vs Zombies Player Profiles: Javier Hernandez

The Mexican striker doesn't play that much, but he is much loved amongst the Manchester United faithful.

When Alex Ferguson announced the signing of unknown Mexican striker, Javier Hernandez from Guadalajara, United fans everywhere immediately ran to YouTube to see if there were any clips. He was signed in April 2010, shortly before the World Cup in South Africa. Ferguson was so confident in the player that he knew once the world saw what he was capable of, there would be a stampede for his signature.


Known as 'Chicharito' which translates as 'Little Pea', just like Pea Shooter in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Hernandez has endeared himself to the fans at Old Trafford with his positive attitude, eye for goal and team ethic. A lot lesser players would have been asking for more game time, but Chicharito has kept his counsel and just got on with things. Refreshing in this day of diva-like strops from many of today's professionals.

He is a predator and is the third highest scorer of all time for the Mexican national team. Thirty five goals in 57 internationals is pretty impressive by any standards. United fans all watched the Mexican games in South Africa with keen interest ahead of his arrival at the club. They were not disappointed as he showed his prowess and poise with this brilliant goal against Argentina during the tournament.

He made his debut for United on their pre-season tour of the US and within 18 minutes of coming on as a substitute against the MLS All-Stars, he scored this goal and left the fans from Manchester rubbing their hands in glee of what lay ahead.


He is the ultimate striker who always plays on the shoulder of defenders, always running the line, looking for that elusive break and he is dangerous from any range, just like Pea Shooter. What became apparent to most United fans was that the Mexican was lethal in the air. Stick a cross into the box and invariably, he'll get his head on it. This was no better exemplified than this unbelievable header against Stoke City. It's rare that we see anyone head a ball deliberately with the back of their head, let alone score. This effort must rank as one of the best headers of all time for sheer ingenuity.

If you fancy winning yourself an Xbox One with a copy of the brilliant Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare so you can test out who is better, Pea Shooter or Javier Hernandez, then all you have to do is head over here and complete our quiz, and you can even find out along the way whether you’re a tough-tackling zombie like All-Star or Brian O'Driscoll, or like Javier Hernandez, a short to medium-range shooter and vital part of the Plants' team.


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