Plants vs Zombies Player Profiles: Luis Suarez 9 years ago

Plants vs Zombies Player Profiles: Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has been in superlative form this season, so we decided to take a look at his unbelievable record so far

This season Luis Suárez has been on top form, forming part of one of the most deadly and feared attacks in the Premier League, that really has given his Liverpool side a real boost up front. Together they account for a large amount of Liverpool's 73 league goals, and they're the third highest scoring team in the top European leagues behind only the imperious Real Madrid and Barcelona, so they've really got that bit of bite up front that they needed.


Ok, we're making a bit of a pun there on the fact that Suárez and Chomper from Plant and Zombies share a few characteristics, mainly the bit about eating people, but he's also shares plenty of other redeeming features, including his ability to spring a trap on the defence, allowing him to befuddle and surprise opponents on the field. He's managed to score plenty of goals from the spectacular long distance to the technical close range finishes, and perhaps his display against Norwich is the best example of just how good he has been this year.

He managed to bag four goals, including a frankly unbelievable effort from near the halfway line, an amazing half volley where he used his skills and his typically frenetic hit-and-run style to bewilder the defence, as well as a perfect finish from close range, and finally, a sensational free kick. Not a bad return all in one game.

Not only that, but he's getting plenty of assists, even when he's not getting on the score sheet, making him a really valuable member of both his club team and his national side, and he will surely be hoping that they can repeat the success of their last World Cup on Brazilian soil in 1950


Neither Liverpool fans or those supporting Uruguay will be too pleased when we say that we reckon Luis Suarez is most like Chomper, and for fairly obvious reasons. We will say this however, Chomper prefers the taste of a zombie foot, while Suárez has always been more of an arm man.

suarez bite

If you fancy winning yourself an Xbox One with a copy of the brilliant Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare so you can test out who is better, Chomper or Luis Suárez, then all you have to do is head over here and complete our quiz, and you can even find out along the way whether you’re a tough-tackling zombie like All-Star or Brian O'Driscoll, or like Luis, a bit of a Chomper, a vital part of the Plants' team.

And don’t forget that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is out now on Xbox One and Xbox 360.


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