Puma are bringing back an iconic boot and it's as gorgeous as ever 4 years ago

Puma are bringing back an iconic boot and it's as gorgeous as ever


Ah, the '80s.


A time that saw the arrival of The Simpsons, a plethora of iconic films, one of the greatest World Cups of all time and some incredibly dodgy fashion.

However, without sounding too much like Grandpa Simpson shouting at a cloud, they also did give us some beautiful football boots that often make modern boots seem vastly inferior.

Granted, the new boot designs are probably more aerodynamic and light, but they're not black or at least not black in the way they used to be.

Black boots. We want black boots. Again, black boots.


How else are you supposed to hide seven layers of muck from a rain-swept pitch?

Well, if you're of a similar mindset to us, you'll be pleased to know that Puma have re-released their design from 1985, the Puma Para Mexico.

The Puma Para Mexico boots were originally designed for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and the new model is very reminiscent of the original boot.

In terms of the intricate details, the boot provides a soft leather tongue, a quilted toe box and a stability strap in the middle for ultimate touch and a supportive fit.


Well, if your touch is shit to begin with, nice boots probably won't help you that much, but boy are they pretty!