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22nd Jun 2018

QUIZ: Can you remember the starting 11 from when Ireland beat Italy in 2016?

Rudi Kinsella

Ireland beating Italy

You definitely remember who scored anyway.

When it comes to football, Ireland and Italy have never really had that much in common.

They have always been European giants, who go into every single game as favourites. And well, you know what we’re like.

But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t given them some great games over the years.

And none were better than the game two years ago.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that we played them off the park for 90 minutes. And we got our rewards, beating them 1-0 with a late goal.

Those were the days.

We got out of the group, only to narrowly lose to France in the round of 16. Ah well, we gave it a go.

And unfortunately, we do have a bit in common with Italy now, as we’re both currently not at the World Cup.

So take your mind off that fact by taking our quiz, and seeing if you can remember the starting 11 from that iconic game two years ago today.

Because it was so recent, we’re only giving you three minutes. Good luck.

If the quiz isn’t showing up for you properly, you can do it here.

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