Reports say AFL players caused disturbances in Dromoland Castle last night 7 years ago

Reports say AFL players caused disturbances in Dromoland Castle last night

Ireland thumped Australia in the first International Rules match on Saturday and reports from Down Under say the players took solace in a drink or two…

The first Test of this year’s International Rules Series was a resounding victory for Ireland. With the Series decided by the cumulative score over two games, Ireland’s 22-point lead may be too much for the Aussies to overcome at Croke Park next week.


And according to reports in Australia, some of the AFL players found solace in a few scoops. Quite a few scoops actually.

The Age, a Melbourne paper, reports that staff at Dromoland Castle, where the team were staying, had to visit rooms twice in the early hours of this morning.

‘Several players had a boozy Sunday-night night out at a nightclub in the town of Limerick, before retiring to a room of one of the players at the team's Dromoland Castle hotel in Ennis in the early hours of Monday morning.

 Hotel staff asked the hard-partying players to turn down their music about 5am, before having to return 15 minutes later to again insist they desist from making noise. A vase was heard smashing, with others in the building woken up.

They also say that some of the players had a night out on the Saturday straight after the match in Cavan too.

The players were given the nod for a few days of relaxation by the management but they have been now told to ‘refocus’ according to a report on the AFL’s own site, with a voluntary training session scheduled for this afternoon now made compulsory. Sounds like there will be a few sore heads at that.

It all sounds relatively harmless but if the Aussies get thumped again on Saturday, the press back home will have a field day.