Ronaldo'h! Portuguese star reportedly misses team flight home 10 years ago

Ronaldo'h! Portuguese star reportedly misses team flight home

He's missed a few penalties in his time but Cristiano Ronaldo faced a new form of humbling - having reportedly missed the Portuguese team flight out of Ukraine.

While there's every chance that Ronaldo was abandoned by his teammates for apparently insisting on being the fifth penalty taker in the 4-3 Euro 2012 semi-final shoot-out against Spain on Wednesday night (at least according to Nani), the Real Madrid star is rumoured to have missed the flight due to an appetite for pastry.


“Sometimes I sit in first, second or third zone, but I agreed to fly in the fifth,” Ronaldo said of his seating arrangements on the flight from Donetsk.

“And then I went to get a bun and the plane took off without me. It’s an injustice! And that bun gave me indigestion.”

Despite Ronaldo's half-baked excuse, the flight's captain was having none of it.

“If he [Ronaldo] wanted to be sure he was on the plane, he should have boarded sooner," said the plane's captain Ted Mendes.


"Maybe if he did, he would’ve sat next to the emergency exit and Bruno Alves wouldn’t haven’t knocked the door open mid-flight. But then again, maybe not,” said Ted Mendes, the flight’s captain.

"I'm not a psychic, I'm just a pilot. And a strip club DJ on the weekends."

Hmm... somehow we have a feeling that Yahoo Sports are having us on here - this story sounds a little too good to be true.