Rory McIlroy has made his decision regarding who he will play for in the Olympics 9 years ago

Rory McIlroy has made his decision regarding who he will play for in the Olympics

It has been the big question hanging over him for the last few years, but he provided a definitive answer to the press at the Irish Open practice round today.

Pretty much since it was announced that golf would be an Olympic sport in 2016, the question over which team Rory McIlroy would play for, Ireland or Great Britain, has been in the air.


Golf, like GAA, cricket, rugby and many other sports in Ireland is a 32-county game and McIlroy would have learned his trade under the guidance of the Golf Union of Ireland. However, as he hails from Holywood in Co Down, he has an equal right to play for Great Britain in Brazil.

McIlroy has often spoken about how difficult a choice it was, and he has hinted at playing for both depending on how you interpret certain quotes over the years. In fact, he became so fed up of the issue that in a BBC documentary on him last year he said he thought about giving Rio a miss, just to avoid making a choice.

However today, the long-running issue has been resolved. Speaking to reporters at Fota Island on the Irish Open pro-am day, McIlroy said that he would play for Ireland in the Olympics.


In quotes carried in the Guardian, McIlroy said:

“I see this as a continuation of what I have always done. I have been thinking about it a lot. I don’t know if it is because the World Cup is in Brazil and I was thinking a couple of years down the line.

“I was thinking about all the times I have played for Ireland as a boy and everything. For me it is the right decision to play for Ireland.”

We, like him, are delighted the issue is finally closed and it gives Ireland a super shot at a gold medal in 2016.