RTÉ's promo for today's All-Ireland final will give you full-on goosebumps 8 months ago

RTÉ's promo for today's All-Ireland final will give you full-on goosebumps

The biggest day of the Irish sporting year gets a fittingly brilliant promotional video.

We imagine even large swathes of Electric Picnic will be coming to a standstill today to watch this match.

The All-Ireland Hurling final kicks off at 3.30pm, and for the first time in the history of the sport, Waterford and Galway will be facing off against each other.

For added poignancy, Galway haven't won the championship since 1988, while Waterford haven't taken the cup home since 1959.

With all that in mind, RTÉ have put together this fantastic promo, with a stirring war of words playing out against what sounds like a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.


Plus the decades and decades of images of the two counties almost-but-not-quite winning, the powerful emotions on display from players and fans who were forced into being runner-ups for so long, and now - FINALLY! - one of them will be runners-up no more.

Excuse us, we've got something in our eye...

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