Rugby star in 100mph police chase tasered 5 times before stealing taser and turning it on police 2 weeks ago

Rugby star in 100mph police chase tasered 5 times before stealing taser and turning it on police

Like something from a movie

Rugby League star Scott Moore pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and three counts of assault and was sentenced to 23 months in jail at Bolton Crown Court on Wednesday after a Hollywood-esque police chase that left several officers 'fearing for their lives'.

The incident occurred back in October 2016, when Moore was caught overtaking a lorry in Worsley, East Lancs, while driving 100mph in a 30mph zone in his black Mercedes.

The former St Helens player proceeded to lead police on car chase during which he hit speeds of 150mph until he exited the vehicle and continued his attempted escape on foot.

In an attempt to tame the man, police tasered him at least five times, but it proved unsuccessful, as Moore managed to withstand the taser's impact and pull the six strings out of his chest, while grunting and growling. The 94kg hooker then managed to wrestle a taser from the police and growled: "you're getting it now."


Footage of the chase obtained by The Mirror shows the difficulty the police faced in bringing him down.

The 30-year-old now faces one year and eleven months in jail, as well as a two-year driving ban.

Moore is not a stranger to controversy, having hit the headlines for many misdemeanours during his rugby career, such as breaking his jaw on a night out while with Widnes and being sacked by the club amid rumours of a failed drugs test.

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