Scotland legend Gavin Hastings had some very high praise for Jonathan Sexton 4 years ago

Scotland legend Gavin Hastings had some very high praise for Jonathan Sexton

It's a big game this weekend.

Scotland and Lion's legend Gavin Hastings joined us in studio on The Hard Yards this week and spoke at length about a number of topics, including his time playing for the Lions, and the upcoming game this weekend.


If you haven't checked out Monday's show, you can find it here.

He also spoke about what will surely be a decisive battle between fly-halves Jonathan Sexton and Finn Russell.

Speaking on the show [from the 5.00 mark below] he said that Russell will try everything and had some high praise for Sexton as a player.


In case you don't have time to listen now, here's what Hastings said.

"[Russell]’s got the players certainly believing in themselves and playing an exciting brand of rugby. It’s really epitomised by the fortunes of Finn Russell at stand-off.

"He brings a smile to people’s faces and you’re right, he is good to watch when he’s on form. You’d be inclined to hope that he’s not in form on Saturday, I would share the opposite view.

"I think he will try everything and he pretty much did try everything a fortnight ago against England. He’s quite the contrast to Johnny Sexton at stand-off who plays the game as a consummate professional and his will to win is there for all to see, it’s in his expression and the way that he is very much a modern day rugby player. He epitomises the Irish spirit.

"He’s a very competent player Johnny and he’s moulded to become one of the great controlling fly-halves. I find this an interesting contrast between the respective fly-halves on Saturday and one that I think will be a very interesting battle."

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