Six reasons JOE loves Kerry football legend Maurice Fitzgerald 5 years ago

Six reasons JOE loves Kerry football legend Maurice Fitzgerald

Ahead of Sunday's All-Ireland final between Donegal and Kerry, we're looking back at two of our favourite forwards from the counties and the Kerry man we've chosen is Maurice Fitzgerald...

There have been some wonderful Kerry forwards down through the years, the list is as long as our arm and we reckon right up there has to be the mercurial genius Maurice Fitzgerald.

He won two All-Irelands and six Munster titles and a player of his ability probably deserved more but he played through a relatively barren spell for the Kingdom.

We are obviously huge fans so here are six reasons JOE loves Maurice Fitzgerald.

1. He kicked one of the greatest points in Gaelic games history...

2. The comfort at which he was able to use both feet was remarkable, a rare thing to see a player equally as good off right (above) and left (below)...

3. Fitzgerald played club football with St Mary's well into his forties and played a key part in their South Kerry Championship win in 2011.

Maurice Fitzgerald leads the South Kerry team in the parade 7/11/2004

4. His big performance in the All-Ireland Final against Mayo in 1997. He scored 0-9 as the Kingdom won out by 0-13 to 1-7 and afterwards the game was dubbed "The Maurice Fitzgerald Final".

5. His kick ability from long range was a thing of beauty. The accuracy and elegance was something to behold and here's a prime example of it.

6. His handsomeness - men wanted to be him and women want to be with him. Fitzgerald had it all, the boyish good looks, the sallow skin, the height, the bouncy mop of hair... We're off to do an ice bucket challenge or else things could get weird... Some man though...

Maurice Fitzgerald Kerry Football 20/7/1997

The All-Ireland semi final between Kerry and Donegal throws in at 3.30pm at Croke Park on Sunday and we hope to see some Maurice Fitz-esque magic at GAA HQ on the day.

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