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26th Sep 2018

Sky Sports footage shows very tense moment between Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho at training this morning

Carl Kinsella

Pogba Mourinho

Neither of them seem to have any interest in keeping this dispute private.

Since summer, fans and the media have been asking questions about Jose Mourinho’s relationship with Man United’s star man Paul Pogba.

Pogba was devastatingly effective for France in the summer, helping his nation win the World Cup, prompting questions about why the Frenchman can’t do the same, week-in week-out for United.

After Pogba made comments about his manager in the media at the weekend, Mourinho hit back and said that Pogba would never captain the team ever again.

Now it appears that the two have been caught on video having words with one another at training. Usually, these kinds of videos are fairly ambiguous but not in this case.

The footage shows Pogba jogging on the training pitch before hi-fiving Michael Carrick and another United coach before Mourinho says something to him (no hi-five), afterwards Pogba gives his manager some serious side-eye and exchanges a tense glance with another coach.

After that, it looks like Pogba is trying to explain something, gesticulating a lot while walking away from Mourinho.

You can watch the video for yourself down here.