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03rd Apr 2022

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin wrestles for the first time in 19 years

Hugh Carr

stone cold steve austin return

The Texas Rattlesnake returned to a huge ovation at Wrestlemania this weekend.

If you can’t believe Stone Cold just wrestled for the first time in 19 years, give me a “Hell Yeah”.

Arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Steve Austin returned to the ring for the first time since his loss to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Wrestlemania XIX in 2003.

Stone Cold had originally retired due to persisting health issues and injuries from years on the road, including a broken neck in 1997.

The Texas Rattlesnake returned to a huge ovation at Wrestlemania 38 in his home state on Saturday night (2 April).

His appearance was initially billed as an appearance on The KO Show, a segment hosted by former WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens.

What began as a civil conversation soon turned ugly, with Owens insulting Texans, telling Austin to “go back to his ranch”.

“I had my first match in Dallas, Texas,” Austin replied.

“I could have my last match in Dallas, Texas.

“Get me a damn referee,” he concluded, throwing his chair out of the ring in anticipation of the fight.

What followed was a 19 minute No Holds Barred match, which saw the stars brawling around the arena, including the 57-year-old being suplexed onto exposed concrete.

Austin managed to pick up the win in the end, as a mistimed chair shot gave him the opening to hit Owens with a Stone Cold Stunner, a move Owens had adopted as his own finisher since 2019.

Following the pinfall, Stone Cold celebrated with several beers, but not without stunning commentator Byron Saxton who attempted to join in on the festivities.

Austin was then joined by his brother in the ring as the show went off the air.

The second night of Wrestlemania 38 airs tonight at 1am on BT Sport Box Office, or through a subscription to the WWE Network.