WATCH: Irish GAA fan abroad creates the most banging version of The Sunday Game theme you’ll hear this summer 11 months ago

WATCH: Irish GAA fan abroad creates the most banging version of The Sunday Game theme you’ll hear this summer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

There are any number of things that mark the arrival of summer in Ireland – the smell of cut grass, temperatures finally reaching the mid-teens, teachers boasting about holidays to name just a few.

Easily the most definitive sign that summer is finally here, however, is the return of the GAA championship and, of course, the return of The Sunday Game to TV screens on Sunday nights.

With RTÉ having wisely decided to ditch an ill-advised attempt at a remix a few years’ back, the original Sunday Game theme tune – a tune called Jägerlatein, composed by James Last – remains an essential part of the show and you won’t find many people in Ireland who wouldn’t be able to hum it in its entirety.

In one of the best tributes to the song we’ve seen or heard to date and in an effort to gee himself up for the arrival of the Championship far away in Canada, Armagh man Ross McKernan decided to add his significant drumming skills to add a bit more pizazz to an already lively number.

Ross, who hails from Middletown in the south of the Armagh but has been living in Winnipeg – where he says he was been “wrestling bears”- for the last two and a half years, spared nothing with the production, togging out in his full Armagh kit and adding in some memorable visuals to complete a fitting tribute.


Clip via Ross McKernan

An already great song made even greater, if RTÉ are ever thinking of breathing some life into the Sunday Game theme tune in future, then they should give Ross a call.

Cheers to Ross McKernan and his many friends who sent this our way. Got a story for JOE? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter or mail

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