Telegraph columnist blasts foul-mouthed Munster fans after his trip to Thomond Park 8 years ago

Telegraph columnist blasts foul-mouthed Munster fans after his trip to Thomond Park

Mick Cleary doesn't hold back...

Munster surprised a lot of people last Friday night with their 14-3 win over Saracens in the European Champions Cup. The results leaves the Reds top of the pool with two back-to-back games against Clermont coming down the tracks in December.


Every Munster supporter left Thomond Park with a smile on their face on Friday while the Sarries supporters were obviously disappointed with the manner of the defeat.

Another person who was disappointed with what he saw on the night was Telegraph columnist Mick Cleary. Cleary wasn't deflated by what he saw on the pitch but by the behaviour of Munster supporters in the stands.

Pre-Match entertainment 24/10/2014

Here's an extract titled "Foul Mouths in Thomond Park" from his column on Monday and he certainly doesn't pull any punches:


"We have often had cause to marvel at the wonderful Munster support, that travelling tribe that follows them round Europe, the raucous backdrop that is Thomond Park. Sadly, there is another side.

"On Friday night, my eardrums were assailed by the most foul-mouthed obscenities I have heard at a rugby ground. Most of it featured the C word. Most of it was directed at Chris Ashton. And it was unrelenting.

"The Thomond crowd pride themselves on observing strict silence for goal-kickers. And they duly did so. Then the stream of filth started again.

"One Munster fan, a woman, tried a word of censure. It had no effect. It was debasing. Rugby often takes the high moral ground in relation to football. It has no grounds for complacency.


"Of course, this moronic little gathering is a minority. Peer group pressure did not work in silencing them. It is time stewards or the Garda did."

You can read Mick Cleary's Telegraph column in full here.