The Cheap Seats: 5 things Dublin football fans are sick of hearing 5 years ago

The Cheap Seats: 5 things Dublin football fans are sick of hearing

Malcolm X said that, "If you have no critics you'll likely have no success."

Trust us, Dublin have plenty of critics.


From the columnists in each and every newspaper, to the bigwigs who make the calls in the GAA.

Almost everyone wants a pop at us and we're fine with it.

But there are a few things we're sick of hearing... these are them.

Dublin football should be divided into two - North & South

There's something seriously wrong with the system when people are looking to punish success.

Also, let's look a little closer at the facts - Dublin have been conquering Leinster easily with plenty to spare in recent years, but they did go 7 years without a provincial championship relatively recently (1995 - 2002).

Also, they've not had it all their own in the All-Ireland series.


If the argument is based solely on dominance, why aren't similar calls being heard for Kilkenny to be divided for hurling and Kerry for football.

If it's based on population, then read on...

Greater population so natural advantage

This is ludicrous. From Westmeath to Waikiki, Dublin's population is buzzing with blow-ins. These people aren't increasing the pool of players available.

Admittedly, there is still a large amount of Dubs at playing age, but GAA has much more to compete with in a large city than it does in a more rural county.


Championship games shouldn't all be in Croke Park

Dublin play quite a few of their league games down the country.

Guess what happens? They still win them.

Also, the money the GAA bring in from games in Croker is unrivalled.


Not to mention, it's the same pitch for everyone and it's not the players or fans fault that Dublin's Championship games aren't played outside of HQ.

The Dubs have so much more money

The extra money Dublin gets is mostly from sponsorship. This is because potential sponsors find them more attractive prospects than say, Roscommon.

Dublin fans buy the most jerseys and our team is guaranteed to be amongst the best come the end of the year.


Dublin is worth the most money, so it's makes the most money.

Don't be angry at us, be angry at free-market economics.

There should be more culchies allowed on the hill

You're welcome to join us any time you like...


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