The best tweets from Munster's team bonding exercise 7 years ago

The best tweets from Munster's team bonding exercise

We saw Ulster rugby undertake a team building exercise earlier this week and Munster are doing something similar. Only more spread out and over two days.

We saw pictures earlier in the week of the Ulster lads trekking their way to Donegal and if the tweets were anything to go by, the lads had great craic in the process.


Well Rob Penney’s men have undertaken a similar exercise, but #munsterrace is spread over two days, beginning yesterday.

The squad were split into six different groups and given a number of different tasks which they were to document along the way, before arriving back at Youghal sometime today.  Here are the routes the groups were given, with Group 4 currently leading the chase.


Here is a flavour of what the lads have been getting up to over the two days, from fishing, farming, sailing, meeting some minor celebrities and generally having the craic.



— James Downey (@jamesdowney23) August 1, 2013