The Cheap Seats: 5 things fans of amateur boxing are sick of hearing 5 years ago

The Cheap Seats: 5 things fans of amateur boxing are sick of hearing

More gold medals for our boxers in Baku.

But of course there is, we can always rely on them to bring success.


Yet, many boxing fans still feel as though their sport doesn't get the recognition or respect it deserves.

And fans often have to put up with listening to this kind of rubbish...

The professional game is far more exciting

Sure, there's more money in the professional game, but I'd argue that the amateur side of the sport is far purer.

There's not the same kind of hype, it's just good old-fashioned sport and there's a beauty and glory associated with that.

Katie's great and all, but she doesn't have much competition

Women's boxing is already massive in some countries and it's growing in popularity in many more.


If you think Katie has no competition, just look at her semi-final fight against Yana Alekseevna and you'll soon change your tune.

Estelle Mossely was no walk in the park either.

Isn't it only a only a couple of events a year?

You'd be forgiven for thinking so, but it's just not the case.

There's a vibrant year-round schedule which involves both domestic and international fighting at all age groups.


A few of the country's top boxers have hit out at RTE's coverage in the past, but hopefully those in charge of scheduling have learned their lesson for the future.

The events in Ireland have no atmosphere

Anyone who was at the Men's Elite Finals in January would definitely disagree.

That's just the tip of the iceberg too.


Go to any amateur boxing match in Ireland and you'll see a passion that could rival any sport.

All the best fighters go professional straight away

That's not true at all.

Katie had many an opportunity to go professional, but didn't take up the offer.


Through the years, many Irish fighters have chosen to stay amateur for an extended period of time before joining the professional game.

When they do go professional, they are ready.

Those are the five things boxing fans are sick of hearing.

Now you know, you can go down to your local club and tell them you're ready to put the gloves on... or not.

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