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21st Jun 2018

The JOE World Cup Minipod #6 featuring the loneliness of Messi, Jorge Sampaoli’s nightclub of choice and the lies about Neymar


Poor, poor Messi.

Argentina are not out of the World Cup yet, but their defeat to Croatia on Thursday was so dispiriting, so aimless and so conclusive that it’s hard to see how they can keep going after this.

Messi drifted his way through the game, and many will feel that arguably the greatest player the game has ever seen should have done more. But what can he do surrounded by some of the worst players in Argentina’s history?

Who is to blame for Argentina’s demise? What will they do now? And in what nightclub will Jorge Sampaoli drown his sorrows?

In episode six of the JOE World Cup Minipod, Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning look for scapegoats and Paddy wonders why Dion can’t accept that Ronaldo is a better leader of his country.

With Argentina on the ropes the Minipod also asks:

  • Can Croatia win the World Cup?
  • Why are people telling lies about Tite and Neymar?
  • What can Mesut Ozil do about his Mesut Ozilness?

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