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25th Jun 2018

The JOE World Cup Minipod #8 on VARMAGEDDON, Ronaldo’s blessings and Messi’s last stand



It’s a VAR special.

Everybody’s favourite refereeing device made a real mark on the tournament on Monday night when Portugal-Iran was played out under the shadow of a referee who handed control over to the mysterious VAR masters.

But those who said VAR would destroy the game’s momentum could only watch on and admit their errors as it became clear that VAR will only enhance the enjoyment for everyone except those with a vested interest in what’s going on.

But who can deny that it has added tension and drama? Ronaldo waited an age to learn his fate, Iran finally turned the system to their advantage and Spain somehow topped the group with VAR’s help.

On episode eight of the JOE World Cup Minipod, Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning welcome the new VAR overlords and reflect on what it means for football.

They also look ahead to the game that may be Messi’s last stand and offer Jason Cundy some advice.

  • Who will pick the Argentina team?
  • What is the ‘Brexit derby’?
  • What should Jason Cundy have said?

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