The lads from Arsenal Fan TV are in Dublin 3 years ago

The lads from Arsenal Fan TV are in Dublin

Ever wanted to appear on Arsenal Fan TV? Now's your chance.

Last season saw Arsenal Fan TV become one of the most popular sports channels on the internet.


We do suggest that looking at it as a 'sports channel' might be the wrong term, as it very often just results in a bunch of grown men shouting at each other...

But it's football they shout about. Arsenal in particular.

And if you ever wanted a chance to appear on Arsenal Fan TV, now is your time to shine.


Robbie and Troopz are in Dublin today for the pre-season friendly between Arsenal and Chelsea in the Aviva Stadium tonight at 8pm.

People can't wait to see what the lads will be like this season, as the complaints were normally about Arsene Wenger.

Wenger left after 21 years in charge of the club, and was replaced by Unai Emery.


We give it about six months before 'Emery Out' is the title of their most viewed video...