The Twitter reaction to Sky’s GAA debut 6 years ago

The Twitter reaction to Sky’s GAA debut

That was a solid enough start wasn’t it?

After months of hype and expectation, the GAA finally made its debut on Sky this evening ahead of the Leinster Championship clash between Kilkenny and Offaly at Nowlan Park.

After a few high-profile gaffes in recent weeks, those involved in the broadcast were under pressure to perform, knowing full well that the eyes of everyone in the GAA community and beyond were on them, with many of them waiting to pounce at the first opportunity.

So how did they do? Quite well actually. The opening Game of Thrones style montage was decent enough, everyone was turned out quite well and before long, you tended to forget that they were new to the game and would instead be forgiven that they had been doing it for some time. In our humble opinion, at least.

It’s hard to impress everybody, of course, but the reaction was quite favourable in general.

Here’s what the Twitterati had to say…