These are the tunes our Irish Olympians are hoping to inspire them to gold in Rio 6 years ago

These are the tunes our Irish Olympians are hoping to inspire them to gold in Rio

Certain songs can help you exert that last ounce of effort from you.

Four of our Olympians heading to Rio have revealed their playlists on Spotify. Paddy Barnes, Kieran Behan, Fiona Doyle and Sinead Jennings are four of our medal hopefuls heading to Brazil to represent Ireland at the Olympic Games.


Each one of them has revealed the tunes that helps them as they train or pumps them up just before they go into action. We saw how inspiring 'La Marseillaise' was to the French nation during the Euros. The rousing anthem would prepare anyone for battle, but which tunes are designed to do the same thing for our Olympian quartet?

Belfast boxer and one of our biggest medal hopes Paddy Barnes has quite the mixed bag of tunes. From the adrenaline pumping 'Born Slippy' by Underworld to 'Get Outta My Way' by Kylie.

Swimmer Fiona Doyle has a love for deep house and we can't help but notice one of the greatest motivational songs ever made in the form of Eminem and his Lose Yourself track.


The man representing us in the gymnastics is Kieran Behan and his musical tastes are shown to be varied. Michael Jackson, Otis Redding and Linkin Park are all in there. However, we couldn't help but notice Rocky anthem 'Eye of the Tiger' in there too. That's always going to get you pumped.

Finally, we have Sinead Jennings who will be representing Ireland in the rowing. Sinead has Mr Brightside from The Killers amongst others as her inspirational music, but we couldn't help but notice one of the great Olympian anthems of all time in the timeless 'Chariots of Fire' by Vangelis.


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