#TheToughest: Who is going to win the Allianz Football League? 6 years ago

#TheToughest: Who is going to win the Allianz Football League?

Cork, Cork, Cork, Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, Dublin.


Only two teams have managed to win Division 1 of the Allianz Football League this decade and one thing we can say for certain, at this stage, is Cork will not be stopping Dublin's five-in-a-row bid.

The 2010, 2011 and 2012 winners were last year relegated to Division 2, but if the Rebels are going through what is politely called a period of transition, Dublin's relentless winning streak shows no signs of abating.

Jim Gavin's men are 29 games unbeaten in league and Championship and go into 2016 in search of five leagues on the trot and three consecutive All-Irelands.

Winning the O'Byrne Cup with their reserves does not auger well for the rest.


This year's league sees the eradication of semi-finals so a quick start will be key to reaching the decider on April 9th. The whole thing throws in Saturday evening with the visit of Monaghan to Castlebar.


Reasons to be cheerful: Top-flight enthusiasm will make them hard to beat in Breffni and they will be eyeing an upset against an undercooked Dublin on Sunday.


Reasons to be fearful: Unlucky to draw four games away from home. New manager Mattie McGleenan faces a challenge to keep them in top tier.

Fixtures: Dublin (h), Monaghan (a), Tyrone (a), Donegal (h), Tyrone (a), Kerry (h), Roscommon (a)


Reasons to be cheerful: Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone and Monaghan have to visit, which gives Rory Gallagher some hope.


Reasons to be fearful: Eamon McGee, Rory Kavanagh, Leo McLoone, Odhrán McNiallais, Colm McFadden, Anthony Thompson, Neil Gallagher...

Fixtures: Kerry (h), Roscommon (a), Dublin (h), Cavan (a), Tyrone (h), Monaghan (h), Mayo (a)


Reasons to be cheerful: They just won the O'Byrne Cup with their third string. Jim Gavin is sitting atop an embarrassment of riches, talent wise.

Reasons to be fearful: Every year we question Dublin's hunger, every year they scoff at our concerns.


Fixtures: Cavan (a), Tyrone (h), Donegal (a), Mayo (h), Kerry (a), Roscommon (h), Monaghan (a)


Reasons to be cheerful: Lots of experimentation during McGrath Cup and it seems some of those all-conquering minors have made the step up. Paul Geaney told the GAA Hour that the Kingdom are gunning for league success - not always the case in Kerry. Nice draw too.

Reasons to be fearful: Performing well in the league only to lose the final, again, to Dublin. They really do no need that.

Fixtures: Donegal (a), Mayo (h), Monaghan (h), Roscommon (a), Dublin (h), Cavan (a), Tyrone (h)


Reasons to be cheerful: Stephen Rochford's second season in charge of the defeated All-Ireland finalists should see Mayo avoid repeat of last year's flirtation with relegation.

Reasons to be fearful: Kerry, Dublin and Tyrone away is a horrendous run of fixtures and could rule Westerners out of final reckoning.

Fixtures: Monaghan (h), Kerry (a), Roscommon (h), Dublin (a), Cavan (h), Tyrone (a), Donegal (h)


Reasons to be cheerful: Conor McManus is the marquee forward every other county would sign if a transfer market existed.

Reasons to be fearful: Retirements of Paul Finlay and Dick Clerkin will require new leaders to stand up.

Fixtures: Mayo (a), Cavan (h), Kerry (a), Tyrone (a), Roscommon (h), Donegal (a), Dublin (h)


Reasons to be cheerful: Started last year's League like the clappers, so maybe a little bit of history repeating.

Reasons to be fearful: That league was followed by a catastrophic Championship and an off-season management upheaval.

Fixtures: Tyrone (h), Donegal (a), Mayo (a), Kerry (h), Monaghan (a), Dublin (a), Cavan (h)


Reasons to be cheerful: McKenna Cup in the bag already, Mickey Hart only knows how to go hard for a competition. A League title would be perfect follow-up to last year's Ulster title.

Reasons to be fearful: Loss of Connor McAlliskey leaves Tyrone even shorter in the inside forward department.

Fixtures: Roscommon (h), Dublin (a), Cavan (h), Monaghan (h), Donegal (a), Mayo (h), Kerry (a)

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