This genius Instagram account lets you find every Olympic athlete on Tinder 6 years ago

This genius Instagram account lets you find every Olympic athlete on Tinder

Olympians are like real humans...except they're super.

These superhumans have haircuts, eyes, hopes and dreams... and even functioning genitals, just like us.


We presume they do anyway as the organisers of the Rio Olympics have handed out 450,000 condoms for athletes taking part in the games to have sex safely (that's 42 rubbers per athlete by the way).

But if you needed further confirmation that these fast-running, long-jumping, honed Adonis uber humans were just like the rest of us then just check out their Tinder profiles. Yes, they swipe their way to sex like everyone else.

Luckily for us the brains behind Sportswipe, which tracks athletes' supposed Tinder profiles, has created a special one just for the Olympics.

Rioswipe appears to have the latest and up-to-date Tinder bios of dozens of athletes competing out in Brazil... and it seems they're pretty active.


So if you're single, happen to be out in Rio and wouldn't mind hooking up with an athlete, then you might want to check some of these out on the dedicated Instagram account.

Some big time athletes and famous faces seem to be out there getting their Tinder game on.

American swimming legend Ryan Lockte is on there, seemingly.

US triathlete Katie Gorczyca is pictured on the Instagram... and don't pretend like you're not going to tune into the triathlon now...


British sprinter Harry Aikines-Aryeetey seems to be on there too. How could anyone swipe right with those quads...

We're just bloody jealous of this bloke... Italy's smouldering World Rowing Champion Giuseppe Vicino...

Italian road cyclist Claudia Cretti looks like she had a Tinder profile (and if a bike joke popped into your head, shame on you)...

Silver medal-winning Team GB gymnast Louis Smith appears to have forgotten his shirt for his bio picture...


There's a fair few more on the RioSwipe page too...

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