TV3 looks set to broadcast Euro 2016 matches and a beloved show is making a return 5 years ago

TV3 looks set to broadcast Euro 2016 matches and a beloved show is making a return

Big news for football fans.

If you were one of the thousands of people that got the dreaded email from UEFA informing you that your ticket application was rejected then you're probably bemoaning their ticketing process, while window shopping for the biggest TV possible.


Hell, if you can't be in Paris, Bordeaux and Lille to see the boys in green then you might as well watch the matches in style from your own home.

Football fans look set to be flicking through the channels though this summer as The Sunday Times confirmed that RTÉ look set to sell the rights to 22 matches at Euro 2016 to TV3, pending approval from UEFA.

While this broadcasting agreement was previously discussed, RTÉ will retain sole rights to the Irish international team's three group games and it's believed that this agreement with TV3 is due to the fact that Euro 2016 has more matches than usual, the tournament now has 24 teams as opposed to 16.

RTÉ will have the first choice when it comes to broadcasting the knock-out games but it's believed that the decision to sell these 22 matches to TV3 was also dictated by the need to raise funds. 2016 is shaping up to be an expensive one for the state broadcaster with the 1916 commemorations, Olympics in Brazil, the GAA Championship and Euro '16 all putting a drain on the coffers in Montrose.

On the plus side, it seems that Apres Match is set to make a return but the delay in announcing the return of the popular post-match sketch show has been held up until this deal between TV3 and RTÉ is made official.

Okey Dokey.