Seven years of Twitter debate between Joe Brolly and Colm Parkinson coming to a head next week 4 years ago

Seven years of Twitter debate between Joe Brolly and Colm Parkinson coming to a head next week

"He is point blank refusing to comment on the GAA targeting Dublin at the expense of others and ruining a once brilliant Leinster championship. All-Ireland to follow."

Since 2013, Joe Brolly and Colm Parkinson have been going back and forward on various platforms.


On Twitter, on The GAA Hour, on Twitter, on SportsJOE Live and on Twitter, the pair have been disagreeing, joking, slagging, sometimes - very rarely - agreeing and digging up old graves with each other and it's produced more Michael Jackson popcorn GIFs than a Prince Andrew interview ever could.

Next Thursday night, 28 November, they come face to face for SportsJOE's Great Debate. For one night only, the Derry and Laois men will look to settle it once and for all in front of a live audience and it won't be broadcast online.

So get your tickets right here.


For the Wooly v Brolly bout, the debate on the menu is titled: Dublin have an unfair advantage.

Colm Parkinson will be arguing for that idea. Brolly will be arguing against that idea. And, if their Twitter spats are anything to go by, a whole shitload of other discussion points might pop up too.

But they have been back and forward about Dublin's dominance and apparent advantages a lot.


Wooly thinks Brolly is blinded by his love of the pure game.

Brolly thinks Dublin's failures at 'every other level' disproves the argument.


Of course, when you're ribbing each other for seven years, you're going to stray.


Joe Brolly comes in with a Parnells barb, unprovoked.



Wooly links to an interview with Joe Brolly, who seems to be referring to Derry's professional set-up back in the early '90s, despite giving out about professional set-ups more recently.

Brolly reacts with a 'my team is better than your team' comeback.


Wooly enjoys the fact that Derry go ultra defensive.

Brolly tells him to fuck off.


Brolly making the case for traditional systems. Wooly brings it back to next Thursday's discussion point.


An argument about professionalism in inter-county GAA takes a Scooby Doo turn.


Who's the best volunteer?

There's a lot of stick lying around now to beat each other with.

Charity boxing match? Let's leave it at the debate, lads.

Brolly starts flexing his work muscles...

Common ground they can both agree on.


Get yourself along to The Great Debate in Dublin.