Twitter ignored Jamie Carragher's advice and celebrated the greatest comeback of all time, in history, ever 6 years ago

Twitter ignored Jamie Carragher's advice and celebrated the greatest comeback of all time, in history, ever


Jesus bloody Christ, football.


God, honestly though, I just love football so much. And football loves me.

Remember that Manchester City and Monaco game? Remember it? The French outfit going 3-2 up, Radamel Falcao proving he's actually a good footballer, John Stones cocking up and then John Stones scoring, City winning 5-3... the game to end all games.

For about two weeks, yeah.


Let's set the scene: Paris Saint Germain came to Camp Nou on Wednesday night with a four-goal deficit. It was a pointless, dead-rubber. Right?

Seven goals and 95 minutes of football later and life will never be the same again. Ever.

Barcelona 6 - 1 PSG
(Barcelona win 6-5 on aggregate)

Do you want to know better than that? Barca initially got three goals back and everyone shit themselves. There was one in it, the comeback was actually about to be complete.


And then... and then. Then Edison Cavani decided to take part in the game, he half-volleyed into the net and, with the away goal and a two-goal aggregate buffer, PSG were cruising home with three to spare.

Jamie Carragher, given the tough slog of covering a goalless affair between Man City and Stoke, sensed an opportunity to win back the viewers.


Considering the effort he had put in, it was the least everyone could do for him.

But hopefully you weren't as obliging beyond a split screen because what was about to unfold in Spain was simply, breathtakingly ridiculous.

With 88 minutes on the clock, PSG were home and hosed with three goals to spare. All they had to do was not freak out.


Then Neymar scored a free kick.

Then Neymar scored a penalty - Barca's second spot kick of the night.

5-1. Sorry, Piers...

Then PSG had a meltdown and, in the last minute of injury time, Sergi Roberto made it 6-1, made the French outfit's away goal redundant and put Barcelona through to the quarter-final of the Champions League.

And the place went absolutely insane.

Steven Gerrard's reaction was priceless.

What is life now?

The greatest comeback ever?

Seriously though.


Just you f**king try it.

Footballers on the ditch...

Spare a thought.

Somebody kiss me. Now.