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02nd Dec 2018

WATCH: Tyson Fury’s post-fight interview is a powerful message for anyone suffering with mental health issues

Rory Cashin

tyson fury helix

“Everybody knows I won that fight.”

In the hours following the Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder fight, people are still arguing back and forth over whether either of the fighters were robbed of their victory by declaring the bout a draw.

In the post-fight interview, Fury took the time to talk about his personal problems that he has faced in the last few years, and the inspiration he needed to power through and, as he puts it, win the fight:

“Two and a half years out of the ring. Ten stone ballooned. Mental health problems. I just showed the world that if you suffering from mental health problems, that you can come back, and it can be done.

“Everybody out there who has the same problems I’ve been suffering with, I did that for you guys. You know the truth. Everybody knows I won that fight.

“And if I can come back from where I’ve come from, then you can do it too. So get up, and lets to do it. Seek help and lets do it together as a team. I did it for you guys.”

Watch the full interview here: