Tyson Fury wasted absolutely no time responding to Anthony Joshua's call out 3 years ago

Tyson Fury wasted absolutely no time responding to Anthony Joshua's call out

Classic Fury...

Anthony Joshua defeated Wladimir Klitschko in a bobbing and weaving fight for the ages.

Joshua started strongly and secured the opening three rounds, and in the fifth round he sent the Ukrainian sprawling to the canvas when he flew out of the blocks at the bell.

But things were to turn on their head in the sixth when Klitschko viciously connected with a right that knocked Joshua for the first time in his career.

Klitschko said afterwards that he thought the fight was as good as over in this moment.

"I thought he wouldn't get up," he said. "He managed to get up: respect. From that moment I felt he was out of gas and concentration. He recovered through the rounds.

"I could have done more to finish him off after he went down, but I was pretty sure 'This is going to be my night' so I took my time.

Klitschko took charge of the fight for the next few rounds before a resurgence from Joshua say him gain control, and a flurry in round 11 saw Klitschko hit the mat twice before the referee called a halt to proceedings with the Ukrainian on the ropes and taking damage.

In an interview in the ring after the fight, Joshua immediately made it clear (rematch with Klitschko aside), what he saw on the horizon for himself.

"[Tyson] Fury where you at, baby?" Joshua said while still in the ring. "I love fighting. Tyson Fury, I know he's been talking, I want to give 90,000 a chance [to see us], I just want to fight."

It seems that the troubled Fury, who recently began training again after giving up his heavyweight belts 17 months ago on health grounds, is more than happy to give Joshua and the people what they want.

Taking to Twitter Fury said: "Wellldone good fight, you had life & death with & I played with the guy, let's dance ?"

He followed it up with a warning: " challenge accepted. We will give the world ? the biggest fight in a 500 years. I will play with u. You are a boxers dream."