Video: 3 documentaries that brilliantly tell the story of Rumble in the Jungle 4 years ago

Video: 3 documentaries that brilliantly tell the story of Rumble in the Jungle

The definitive guide to Ali vs Foreman...

It's 40 years today since one of the most iconic sporting events of all time took place in Zaire when Muhammad Ali took on George Foreman for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The match is up there with the Thriller in Manilla, The Fight of the Century and any of the great fights in history. Like all events of its kind, it went beyond its own sport and became a mainstream spectacle across the globe.

There were so many factors that contributed to the electricity of the event; the exotic location in Africa, the profile of Ali, the unpredictable result, the controversy, the hype and more made it an incredible occasion.

To get a greater insight into the build-up, the fight itself and the aftermath, we've posted three of the best documentaries on the fight here for you. These are must-see for boxing fans and sports fans alike.

When We Were Kings

When We Were Kings won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature after its release in 1996. The film features a host of celebrity interviews from the likes of James Brown and Spike Lee and follows the fight from start to finish.

Champions Forever

Champions Forever is a fascinating insight into the mind of a heavyweight boxer as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes and Ken Norton sit down face to face. The chats about Rumble in the Jungle are interesting as you get both guy's perspectives on the fight.

Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle is a fascinating documentary follows it's build-up along with a detailed analysis of the bout itself. This one may be for the boxing fanatics out there but it's also a great watch for the casual fan of the sport.