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11th Aug 2015

Video: A former Meath footballer was throwing his weight around in Junior football recently

Some shoulder by Hank Traynor

Alan Loughnane

The best bit about this is the reaction of the fans on the sideline…

Hank Traynor may be past his peak, but he proved last weekend in a Junior club game that he is not obsolete with this thunderous shoulder.

Simonstown were playing Drumconrath in Junior A championship in Meath last weekend when a Drumconrath decided to make a barn busting run through the middle of the defence, not a good idea when Hank ‘The Tank’ Traynor is on the opposite team.

After the fairly hefty collision, the reaction of the Drumconrath supporters is hilarious.

Just have a listen… and a watch of course.

It must have had a rousing effect on his teammates because Simonstown won the game by a point.

Thanks to Michael Brennan for sending it in to us.