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11th Nov 2013

Video: A ‘Hail Mary’ pass succeeded in the NFL yesterday

Sometimes, prayers are answered.


Sometimes, prayers are answered.

There is a very good reason why the ‘Hail Mary’ pass is so named. Only two came off last year in the NFL, and one of those (Seattle’s v Green Bay) should probably have been disallowed.

So when Cincinnatti Bengals QB Andy Dalton heaved one at the endzone in yesterday’s game against the Ravens, the chances of it being caught by one of his men, sending the game into OT, was very slim indeed.

But incredibly, after being tipped by two Ravens defenders, the ball dropped gently into the arms of ace receiver AJ Green, sending the game to extra minutes.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, a Ravens field goal in OT was enough to win the game for them, but a successful Hail Mary is always worth appreciating.