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05th Mar 2014

Video: Absolutely mahoosive hit in a high-school ice-hockey game

As a certain Irish Dad might say, ‘Jaysus Chrisht’.

Conor Heneghan

As a certain Irish Dad might say, ‘Jaysus Chrisht’.

We already knew that ice-hockey at the top level could be a brutal and unforgiving sport for those who take part but we would have imagined that it’s a little bit more sanitised and possibly not as aggressive when played at high-school level by players who might not have fully matured yet.

How wrong we were.

The clip above was taken from a recent high school game in Wisconsin between Lincoln and West Salem and it features one of the biggest hits you’ll see in ice-hockey or indeed any other sport for that matter this year.

And the most frightening thing about the whole thing? Apparently it’s legal, a revelation which provoked the following reaction in JOE Towers…

jaysus chrisht

Video via YouTube/HockeyWebCaster

Hat-tip: Reddit