Video: Another cracking All-Ireland song out of Clare 8 years ago

Video: Another cracking All-Ireland song out of Clare

We don’t know what way the game is going to go, but Clare have raced into a massive lead in the All-Ireland song stakes.

So far we have had this excellent tune and this, let’s just say different, effort from Clare and now, we have another more than decent song from the Banner.


Written and performed by Éanna Mulvihill and Oisín Hickey, Banner Bound does a fine job of naming lots of towns in the county (always a good move), naming lots of players in the team (another must in a good GAA song), giving lots of credit to the manager (it’s Davy Fitz, sure you’d have to mention him) and it gets a few digs in at the opposition too (JBM won’t be playing it in the dressing room to rile up the Rebels but…).

All in all, not a bad effort at all. The lads also get extra points for the name of their YouTube channel, which is The Symbollix. Nicely done lads.

Over to you Cork…


Thanks to Éanna for sending in.