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16th Dec 2013

Video: Blindside hit on NFL punter leaves him with a fractured jaw

This is brutal...


This is brutal…

Punters generally have an easy enough time of it in the NFL. They rarely have to get involved in anything as physical as tackling, so long as their team-mates on special teams do their job and stop the punt returned getting through.

Sadly for Bengals punter Kevin Huber, his lads let him down, as Antonio Brown scythed through the defence to score a 67-yard TD. Huber was probably not going to be able to stop the fast-moving Brown but he never even got a shot as he was absolutely levelled by Terence Garvin.

Garvin caught Huber when he wasn’t looking, and right under the helmet too. The end result was a fractured jaw for Huber and his Bengals lost the game too, 30-20.

A very bad day all round.