VIDEO: Conor McGregor 'superfan' gets the call to meet his hero after court appearance 9 months ago

VIDEO: Conor McGregor 'superfan' gets the call to meet his hero after court appearance

Warning: Features a terrible, TERRIBLE impression of Conor McGregor's accent.

With signs that read 'Free Conor' and 'The Champ does what the FOOK he wants', Robbie Fox was firmly on the side of Conor McGregor during his court appearance in New York.

During the short hearing, in which McGregor's legal team stated that a plea deal was being worked out, Robbie stood outside chanting in his best Crumlin accent (disclaimer: it's awful, but comically awful, in a 'watch out Itchy, he's Irish!' inoffensive kind of way), all in the hope of meeting his hero.

After McGregor's short statement to the press, the 29-year-old heads off without passing much comment Robbie's way.

Moments later, however, the Barstool Sports reporter gets a tap on the shoulder and is asked to follow a couple of members of the fighter's entourage.

We can all agree that Robbie is the true hero of this piece.

Our favourite part? Where Robbie runs through the UFC star's series of nicknames in defence of the Dubliner.

"They're wasting Conor McGregor's time," insists Robbie. "The Notorious One, The King, The Champ Champ."

Yep. Champ Champ.

Beautiful stuff, and we're happy for Robbie - who insists the bus driver is the real villain of the piece for allowing The Champ Champ to throw a shopping trolly through his window during April's attack at the Barclay's Center - as he finally gets his photo taken with The Notorious DUB.