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04th Dec 2013

Video: Crazy behind-the-backboard buzzer beater from last night’s NBA action


Avery Bradley, take a bow…

At the start of the year we predicted that the Boston Celtics would be rubbish. That wasn’t much of a stretch considering the departures on and off the court and the injury to main man Rajon Rondo.

But they currently sit atop of the Atlantic conference, on 8-12, good enough for fourth in the East. An admittedly crappy East but still, it shows what we know.

Anyway, that decent form continued last night as the Celtics faced, and beat, the Milwaukee Bucks. And in the first quarter, Avery Bradley scored a truly ridiculous basket from behind the backboard.

Okay, the airball before it was brutal, but the shot by Bradley was sheer class, and right at the end of the shot clock too.