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10th Oct 2015

VIDEO: Floodlights go out at minor match in Meath, two teams join together for massive dressing room rave


Conor Heneghan

Where would you get it?

If you’ve been around the GAA long enough you think you have seen everything, but we can safely say we’ve never seen anything like what happened in Skryne in Meath last night.

JOE reader Shane Moynagh, a member of the minor team from the Southern Gaels club from Cavan, tells us that they were in Skryne to play a challenge match last night but couldn’t do so as the floodlights weren’t working.

With both teams gathered in their respective dressing rooms, the Southern Gaels lads started to play some music over a portable speaker that they had brought with them.

When they started chanting, they heard the Skryne team responding from the home dressing room and before they knew it, both teams were engaging in a full-on sing-song that lasted for a good ten minutes.

Check out the mayhem that transpired below.

Shane also told us that Skryne provided food for Southern Gaels and gave them a round of applause as they were leaving.

Better yet, Skryne are going up to Cavan tonight for the replay at 7pm.

God, the GAA is great isn’t it?

Cheers to Shane Moynagh for sending this our way. If you have something you would like to share with us, send it to [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter.