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03rd Nov 2015

VIDEO: Frank Lampard talks about Roy Keane, Messi’s genius and laughs at how poor Aston Villa are on MNF

Really good TV

Paul Moore

Really good TV.

Frank Lampard was a very notable guest on Monday Night Football last night and the former West Ham, Chelsea and Man City (that still seems weird to type) star had a few interesting things to say for the cameras.

Chelsea’s all-time top scorer is currently playing in the MLS for New York City and he appeared quite happy to talk frankly (wahey!) about a variety of issues during an interactive Q&A with the Sky Sports viewers.

Take a look as he chats about a potential loan move back to the Premier League, West Ham’s incredible start under Slaven Bilic, winning the Champions League and the best players that he played against, both domestically and in the Champions League.

Every question is pretty interesting but for all you Premier League junkies, Lampard’s answer about the best players that he faced is at the 3:40 mark.

The chat in the studio wasn’t all serious though because Lampard, Carragher and Neville just couldn’t contain themselves when they had to review the performance stats from Gabby Agbonlahor. This is priceless.

Clips via – FUNNY HERE 4 and FootballSupremoHD