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03rd Dec 2014

Video: Heartless thief caught on camera stealing a bat from a Phil Hughes memorial in Sydney

This is as low as it gets.

Eric Lalor

This is as low as it gets.

The sporting world is still in mourning after the passing of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes who died tragically after being struck by a ball during a match last week.

The reaction to his death has been overwhelming with many joining tributes to the deceased Australian cricketer by joining the #PutYourBatsOut tribute. People from all over the world joined the tribute on social media and many people left out bats in various locations around the world.

One of the biggest tributes took place at the legendary Sydney Cricket Ground.

However, this callous thief, caught on CCTV, obviously felt it was an opportunity for personal gain and decided to steal one of the cricket bats laid out for Phil Hughes. It’s a despicable act and we can only hope whoever he is, he can sleep at night.

Hat-tip: 7 News Sydney